Catalogue Interpretations: Messalina

This song is about the Roman Emperor Claudius’ third wife Messalina. The context for the song is that she was pretty much running around on him all the time. Claudius kept turning a blind eye. She was going to have him killed, but her plot was discovered by a freedman advisor to Claudius. So you have this ex-slave taking down the most powerful woman in the world.  An interesting juxtaposition for sure. The Emperor was still ambivalent about having her killed because he still loved her despite her cheating heart, but hey that’s how the Romans did things. Vinum consolatur confractum corda

Give it a listen below. This track was recorded live at The 8×10 in Baltimore, and is on our EP, ‘Unvarnished’.  This track has gotten some airtime on 98Rock as well.

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