Prepping for the Show – Open Mic at Diamondback Tavern

We had some good jams last Wednesday with our good friend Steve Baron (of Tiller’s Prospect) filling in on the skins for us.  Tommy’s taking a bit a of a hiatus, so we are working with Steve to fill in the groove for us.  He played with us on 4/20 at the Second Chance Saloon with some exceptional results.  Ryan and Steve were definitely bringing out the funky vibes last Wednesday, while Andy and Chris were trading some nice licks on a particularly good Scarlet Begonias->Fire on the Mountain, so it should be a lot of fun moving forward.  Stay tuned for some interesting textures and grooves to come.

We’re going to be playing the next few open mics to tune up for our gig at the Whiskey on 7/27 opening for Three Legged Fox.  9pm, you should be there.  Come catch us at Diamondback Tavern the next two Wednesdays to get your tickets.


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