Fresh out of the Studio…

Good Morning Good People of the Post-Rapture world… wait did that even happen?Eitherway, Dropping Sully made it through the weekend recording with our good friend, Scotty O’Toole of Main Street Recording (his mobile recording company… Find them on FB if you are interested in a super solid and affordable recording option for your next project). We had set up on Friday night, a small set back Saturday morning (the Firebird was placed on the DL before the session even began, but that is a story for another time), tons of great tracking on Saturday and then a solid throw down of vocals and guitar tracks on Sunday. Scotty was super helpful and great to work with encouraging us to get our best takes of the moment even when it meant another full take or whatever. Ryan and Tommy got their rhythm tracks all squared on Saturday and Andy and Chris remained through Sunday for overdubs and vocals. The rough mixes sounded really promising when we closed it down yesterday evening. Stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at the recording process…

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